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Now, I’m not going to pretend I know everything about the Bible, or even God or His plans for us, but I do think a great deal about how He created us and what He intended us to be.

We’re all sinful. Even if you don’t believe in God you can’t escape that fact. Even you can see that the world isn’t perfect. Far from it. For me as a Christian, it all started in the Garden of Eden. We were created by God in total perfection in His image. We were created with souls and free-will. We were made Man, a little lower than the angels.

Then along came Sin. It wasn’t biting the apple that was the sin, as God gave food for Man to enjoy. It was the choice to disobey God’s command – do not eat of the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – that separated us from God. No longer content to be His child and be protected by Him from Evil, Man chose the harder path of living in a sinful world.

But even though we are all sinners, I would postulate that there is a difference between being sinful and being evil. To be certain, all keep us from God and out of eternal fellowship with Him. Without Christ we’re all doomed. But I think there is a difference in the sins that we commit and live with every day…sins like lying, cursing, envy, and even adultery and killing. You see, most of the times those sins are committed by us as we live out our lives in our sinful nature. Our second nature, you might say. Most sins come so easy we don’t even think about committing them, we just do them and let the consequences fall where they may.

So where does Evil come into the equation? Evil, I believe, is in the longing to commit sin and focusing your life on it. Evil glories in the destruction and debasing of God’s Creation. Evil seeks to rip God’s image from our very souls and those souls around us. Evil is real and it is not dressed up in red sporting horns and a pitchfork. Evil is, just as God is.

However, Evil didn’t win. It has already been defeated by Christ’s death and resurrection. Until that final day of judgement, though, we are stuck living with it daily and tasked with combating it wherever and however we can. Jesus is the Truth and He is the Light of the World. So it is no surprise that the greatest weapons we have in fighting Evil are Truth and Sunshine. We have been given these tools to shine a light on Evil and expose it so the world can recognize it for what it really is.

Which finally brings me to the point of this post…I’ve been following some bloggers for the past year. I guess it started with the whole Anthony Wiener fiasco; it turned me into somewhat of a news junkie. But as I began reading the blogs and the comments, I became aware of a thing…a tone or undercurrent…that disturbed me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I knew I wasn’t the only one seeing it, as bloggers began making odd comments and certain names kept popping up.

Now, finally, the stories of the last year are coming together and beginning to make sense. To be sure, the story is scary and it would be much more comfortable to ignore it and focus on more fun things. But the time for turning away has passed, and the time for taking up our weapons of Truth and Sunshine is here. This is a battle folks, and one that will be fought around us and throughout our country and world, even if we do nothing. When Evil is ignored, it finds ways to creep into our lives and our cultures to the point we accept it as the ‘norm.’ When Evil is desperate, it attacks viciously and violently like a rabid animal. Evil has no friends, no favorites, only servants that for a while seem to prosper; in the end, Evil will devour even them.

Evil…I name thee ‘Brett Kimberlin.’ I cannot recount the many stories I have read about him over the last year, there are many. Plus I believe it is best to learn about this man in the words of the people he has attacked. Their stories will shock you, educate you, and hopefully awaken you to the kinds of things that are going on in this world…the things you won’t hear about in the media. Even if you disagree with everything said here or in the websites published below, be aware and be discerning. If you don’t stand against Evil, you are more likely to be its victim.

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I'm someone who wants the world to straighten up. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and those values are under attack today. I'm all for capitalism and free-markets. I'm Independant but very conservative.

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